Cyclops aims to restore confidence through his Titans

Titaan2Cyclops aims to spur society to take action once again by offering encouragement and restoring faith in its own abilities. The key is sustainable economic recovery with new impulses (e.g. renewable energy, biotechnology), and an injection of unprofitable, latent funds, within the existing economic fabric.
An optimised tax shelter principle makes it possible to fuel a wide range of social and research projects and new business clusters and, in doing so, successfully bring together the experience of many years of entrepreneurship and the ambition and talent of young start-ups. The start is Flanders; the goal is Europe.

A titanic work is never completed
Cyclops invites each Titan to perform his assignment from the viewpoint of his own personality, free of any restrictions and barriers. Thanks to the synergy of the individual key issues the 100 Titans can filter action points, targets and time frames to ignite the flame of the new confidence and share it with the general public. The ultimate goal is to engender a universal change in the spending pattern and lifestyle and initiate a more meaningful perception of consumption and value.