An artistic tribute to 100 prominent Flemish personalities

Cover van boekdeel (kl)100 Titans from Flanders‘ is a multidisciplinary artistic project in which 100 prominent Flemish personalities from the most diverse disciplines – ranging from politics to culture and sports, and from science to philosophy – share their insights and advice during a photo session to ‘grow towards a renewed form of confidence in society’.
Inspired by their photos and stories, artist Hervé Missiaen is painting 100 lifelike portraits that will be exhibited worldwide, accompanied by a multilingual art book and a digital platform.
An international tribute to this shared ideology and the hardworking population of Flanders.

How to recognise a Flemish Titan?
A true Flemish Titan inspires with an open mind and a positive, self-propelling mentality and, in doing so, engenders the engagement of future generations. Earning respect begins with giving respect. These 100 ‘Flemish masters’ will, for example, complement and strengthen each other, through their individuality and talents, into a unique, yet uniform, palette of ideologies.